FROM 1 to 210 + LTRS (0.5 TO 52+ GALS)

Plant and Machinery to make Steel Barrel, Steel Barrel Manufacturing Plant in India

We are Frigmaires International with a highly –advanced steel barrel manufacturing plant in India. Our office is in Mumbai, and the manufacturing unit is located a little away from the city. It has been our home ground from where we create effective plant and machinery to make steel barrel.

We Offer:

  • Customized barrels and drum making machines
  • From 1 to 210 liters capacity of drums
  • Quick turnaround
  • Tested and certified before dispatch

Why Are We Special

At Frigmaires, we have a holistic approach to creating the best machinery, considering the client’s needs. It results in our products being able to generate final products of drums and barrels in excellent efficiency.
What drives us to achieve such milestones is our desire to bring in Steel Barrel Manufacturing Plant in India completely. From helping our clients find their optimum barrel manufacturing machines, training their team to troubleshoot and set up, do it all.
We ensure all our finished products go through drop and leakage tests along with stacking and pressure. These are vital because these drum and barrel machinery has to head out for the paints and chemicals –based industry.
Call us for our expert consultation regarding the detailed engineering and setting up.


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